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Model Jada Taylor

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Styled & Written by Stephen Garcia

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Jada is a woman of mind, spirit, and body. The energy she emits is a synthesis of opulence and playful buoyancy. Resonating a dynamic frequency, Jada walks with confidence in her step that orders attention. I've personally had the opportunity to witness Jada grow over a handful of years and every single time divinity grants the crossing of our paths I am a spectator of immense growth and magnification. Her physical presence - soft, slim, and proud - is accented by a personality that only intensifies her entire being. As a dancer and an upcoming model, Jada has the ability to tell a story. Her form is fluid yet strong. Jada has been dancing for quite some time and has become a frequent performer for a handful of local shows. Drawing inspiration from dances like voguing, Jada has molded herself into a shimmering star on and off the stage. But the stage isn't the only place she finds strength. In front of the camera, Jada is able to take movement and capture a moment worth an entire performance. "I have been so lucky to have booked multiple modeling gigs this last year with only 1 year of modeling experience," she says about her exciting modeling adventure. The body, for Jada, is more than just the physical presence of flesh and bone. It is a form of art, inventiveness, and mastery. As an artist of the body, she tells me, "My main goal as a performer is to keep true to my aesthetic of being posh, but also to keep having fun.”

JADA Ravished Now Magazine
JADA Ravished Now Magazine


To be posh is to be elegant and stylishly luxurious. Jada is a manifestation of just that. If you haven’t already gotten the chance to scroll through the goddess’s Instagram, @poshgirljadataylor, you are doing yourself a disservice. On top of being a stunning model and astonishing performer, Jada is a makeup guru and fashion lord. When it comes to her style Jada really puts it best, "I like to describe myself as a mix between Posh Spice and Aaliyah.” Jada’s style is one to really take note of. She isn’t afraid to sport daring silhouettes that compliment the shape of her body. Her sexy and venturesome approach to fashion cement her style in lavishness. Her skills as a makeup artist only punctuate and elevate that style to the next level. Jada has the natural prowess to take colors and transform them into works of art. From the natural glossy lip to a glittery halo eye, Jada can sculpt beauty with ease and little to no effort. She tells me that, "Fashion and makeup have always been my main focal points in life." For Jada makeup and style is more than just clothing and pretty colors, but a way of life and expression. Her bravery to be who she is without apologies is something that we as onlookers can learn from. To be posh is to be more than a category of style and elegance. It is to be who you are and who you want to be without fear.

JADA Ravished Now Magazine


The fashion and makeup world isn’t always kind to mixed children, such as myself and miss Jada, and can even be harsh at times. But despite the obstacles of discouragement, Jada chooses to thrive! "I am a Black and Asian woman who has always had a strong interest in art," she says when asked to describe who she was. Jada then tells me about the difficulties of being a person of color in the fashion world, "I've been told a lot that my ethnicity isn't preferred but it works." For many like Jada, the rushing trek of model casting can be an uphill battle, but she doesn't let the odds hold her back. She has learned to flip micro-aggressions on their heads and reclaim their meanings, “I would say I’m always looked at as the ‘exotic girl.’ That has always encouraged me to embrace who I am and learn to be the ‘confidentexotic girl.'" Jada isn't letting the world stop her on her journey for growth and experience, "I have progressed in my career in makeup and I'm excited to keep going and take my passion online and to another state." "I am always wanting to learn and grow. My passions and hobbies allow me to do so. I love being able to try something and be able to get better at it." For Jada, her weaknesses have been converted into strengths. As a role modle, she encourages others to keep going, "My biggest advice is to go for it. Just do it. Life is too short to doubt yourself in what could possibly better your life experiences or career.”

JADA Ravished Now Magazine