Illustration by Achraf Amiri

We, as Americans, have had our fair share of stories told to us by our parents and grandparents. The tales of how our families came to a land that promised endless opportunities. How they left everything behind. How they traveled through rough waters and testing terrain. How they adapted. How they immersed themselves and their culture in the sometimes non-existent culture that is America. Those stories seem to be the pinpoint of who we are today as a people. As complicated as the country has been and continues to become – we are reminded that what makes us different as a people is also what makes us something of a great big family, a true community, a true bother and sisterhood. This last mid-term election that took place in November reminded us of the power that diversity holds and the importance of its presence in politics. Not only diversity of culture and race and religion, but diversity of the sexes. The American people all across the nation have spoken with their vote in the 2018 election and elected more women to take the lead in and for our country.


When prepping for this issue we asked ourselves how we could possibly style each photoshoot based on the subject as a whole and not just by their story. We tapped into the energy of each individual – creating looks and ultimately altering the vibe of each shoot to enhance their personalities. Whether it be the lovely Peruvian model, Lucia, and her bold energy that isn't shy of any intensity or the poet Tolu, who's happy and optimistic energy that no less brightens any room she walks into with sparks, we wanted to celebrate them and where they came from.


Focusing on the migrant woman, we reached out to our surrounding loved ones to bring to life an issue that not only shares their stories but reminds us of the humanity that lives in everyone. Inclusivity, Integration, and Intersectionality were the driving forces in selecting the people we thought truly believe exemplified these pillars of community and love. We wanted to share these stories to remind the world of the roots that are deeply embedded around them. Denver is more than ski lifts and breweries, but a galactic cluster of culture, life, and experience from all over the world. The stories in this issue are just a few examples of what America really is. 


Built on the backs of a diverse people, like the beautiful deities soaked in the ink of these pages, America will forever be Brown, Black, Fluid, Indigenous, Feminine and everything far and in-between. Regardless of the political climate we live in, the underlining shades of hatred, or the hardships we endure, we as a unified people are thriving. We are the children of the people they could not control, drive away, or kill. We are Ravished.