Here we go, and may we keep going.


As the beginning of the next stage of the magazine started to unfold many trials and tribulations were confronted. The battle was on and here at the magazine, we did everything we could to push through the many intricate problems that we faced. With that being said - we found that the magazine will take a small hiatus from the original plan of tri-annual print to annually, leaving us with much more time and much more room to continue our goal and to allow sufficient work to be produced. 

This is a good thing, because our number one goal was to and is to provide you all with content that is not rushed, nor careless and is authentic to the people that we showcase and work alongside. 

As the accumulation of submissions and photoshoots continue to roll in we are announcing the very sad departure of Co-EIC / creative director and videographer Stephen Garcia — go follow his feed full of not-to-be-missed selfies  and fly as fuck poetry — onto much greater and much more self-fulfilling amazing things. We pray and hope that this change may bring huge success in his career and life, we wish him the best of the best and all the slay energy one could ask for.

Above is the last illustration that we had done together by the hugely talented fashion illustrator WAYLAND CHU. His daunting and lustfull technique is what inspired us to continue the Ravished Now agenda by continuing conversations and the continuation of producing powerful imagery of all the beautifully talented people we are incredibly inspired by in the fashion, art, poetry, and beauty worlds. 

Within the next few weeks, we will be rolling out the online segment of the magazine which will feature both Ravished Now produced shoots and submissions from our amazing viewers, readers, and co-creative spectaculars. Please be patient with us and in return we promise to commit to creatives around the world and to the best of our transformation, to be positive in times of heartbreak and change. 

Here we go, and may we keep going. 

Ernesto Prada - EIC